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Handmade Trifecta: Shelley Martin’s Vitrified Studio


If you follow the LAB on Facebook, you’ve probably seen Shelley Martin’s Vitrified Studio creations appear in my daily stream of pictures. I’m not really sure how I could resist sharing Shelley’s work. It’s a joy to behold. I’m pretty obsessed with pottery and the hands that make it and the next time I’m in Portland, OR,  I most definitely will be stopping by Shelley’s Vitrified Studio to see this master maker at work.

But there is more to love about Shelley’s Vitrified Studio than just her sublime creations. The way she manages her handmade business is a model for other makers. As you’ll see, Shelley truly has creates a Handmade Trifecta: A great shop, an updated blog and very active social media. Let’s explore.

Shelley Martin's Vitrified Studio // Handmade Trifecta // IAMTHELAB


Build a Handmade Trifecta with the LAB in 2014


Is 2014 the year you turn your handmade endeavors into a Handmade Trifecta? What’s a Handmade Trifecta you ask? Good question. In the LAB, a Handmade Trifecta occurs when a maker designs a great online shop, a vibrant blog and an engaging social media presence. These three are the primary pillars needed to maximize your online presence and spread your handmade goodness all over the interwebs.

Many makers struggle with one if not all of these. is determined to help every maker we can to grow their online business to its greatest potential. That’s why I offer two ways to help you do so.

handmade trifecta

If you’ve already built a blog and need help with the rest of your online presence, the LAB is offering a special discount on our LAB Partners program. This is a 6 month or 12 month opportunity for you to have your very own mentor, coach, cheerleader and researcher. The goal is to help polish up your online presence and help you network with the right creative people and connect with even more potential customers.

For the rest of December, you can get 6 months as a LAB Partner for only $360 and a year for $720. Looking for some examples of my work? There are links on the page to the sites I’ve worked on. For a full list of the benefits of being a LAB Partner, click the button below.

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handmade trifecta

If you don’t have a blog, let the LAB build one for you. I just did it for Rizon Designs and I would love to do it for you. I’m running a BLOG BUILD special too. From picking out your theme, installing plugins and integrating your shop, I’ll get you singing the WordPress praises in no time.

For the rest of December, you can get your very own BLOG BUILD for only $350. You can use this service any time in 2014. For a full list of what the BLOG BUILD includes, click below.

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handmade trifecta

I look forward to working with even more makers in 2014 as we spread the handmade love!