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LAB Blog Build – Autumn Special


If you’ve hung out in the LAB for any period of time, you’ve heard me singing the same song over and over again: If you’re a handmaker, you need a blog. I’ve shown you stats of artists who’ve watched their web traffic explode because of blogging, bringing fresh fans to their handmade shops. I’ve also showcased some pretty amazing blogs along the way, in the hopes that they will inspire you to make blogging a part of your Handmade Trifecta.

Blogging Inspiration from 50 Fresh Design & Lifestyle Blogs


Whether you are trying to blog everyday or building your own Handmade Trifecta, sometimes you just need some fresh blog inspiration. Well, look no further than this grand list of 50 design and lifestyle blogs to get your blogging juices flowing. Each one of these has been carefully chosen to inspire you to blogging greatness. Most are clean and full of images. All of them are worthy of following and adding to your daily read list. Looking for some help building a blog you can be proud to call your own? I can help you with that. Find out more here.