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Would you like to advertise on the LAB? It’s really simple. I offer a few affordable ways you can join us. Click on the buttons below to get started. I’ll email you and we can work on the ad together.  Looking forward to seeing you on the LAB!

  • Choose between 1, 6 and 12 months of advertising in my side bar. The ad size is 300px x 150px. If you need help designing the ad, just let me know and I’ll gladly help design the perfect ad for you. If you own a curated shop that features handmade goods, I have a special program for you.

1 Month @ $256 Months @ $1251 Year @ $250


  • I was fortunate enough to have Brett from the LAB discover my work in early 2012. And as a result of a very generous feature on the LAB, site my shop got a great (and much needed) spike in traffic. Following that I have jumped at any opportunity to partner with the LAB to engage in social media, giveaways and advertising. Brett is passionate about the handmade community. He really wants all us creators and makers to succeed and find our niche.

    Nicole Phillips of Nicole Ap!