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handmade jewelry

Audra Azoury’s collection is a study in both restraint and imagination. I’ve been studying her work, learning about her environmental design business and just marveling in the brilliant glow of her creativity. Audra sees inspiration in the most unique places.

For instance, her handmade Dangle Notch earrings. Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic house located in southwest Pennsylvania, served as the inspiration for these sculptural steel earrings. What’s inspiring to me is that Audra could see the notched trellis and then conceive such a simplistic and yet perfect pair of earrings.

handmade jewelry handmade jewelry

Audra pulls inspiration from the steel bridges in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Who knew that there are 446 bridges in Pittsburg? For an artist like Audra, that’s a lot of structural elements to be inspired by. To me, this is exactly what it means to be a handmaker. Like the Handmaker Manifesto says: Our imagination is our canvas.

handmade jewelry handmade jewelry handmade jewelry

Can’t choose one single piece? Why not grab the LOADED bracelet? It features all 9 of Audra’s Steel Town charms. It’s pretty impressive. You can do the same with her necklace.

handmade jewelry handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry
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