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Great shops and artisans who make handmade & recycled goods in the Western US.

Handmade for Kids: Super Cuteness from Shmuddle Buddies

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handmade dolls eco-friendly

What happens when a talented designer enlists the assistance of a diverse collective of crochet lovers to create handmade dolls? Shmuddle Buddies, of course. DUH!  Jessica Butterick (who does most of the work herself) and her team of pros and enthusiasts have created a lovely, eco-fiendly collection of dolls that are as adorable as they are sensible. Using only Fair Trade, organic and non-GMO cotton, Shmuddle Buddies (Or shmushy cuddle, which rhymes with puddle) may just become your child’s new best friend.

handmade dolls eco-friendly

handmade dolls eco-friendly

Another great thing about Shmuddle Buddies is that the organic wool they are made from is naturally dust-mite repellent and hypoallergenic. If you have a kid who, like me, is allergic to air, this might be the perfect companion.  Shmuddle Buddies uses recycled fiberfill made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. If you prefer organic wool, you can upgrade for $20. You can find out more here.

handmade dolls eco-friendly

handmade dolls eco-friendly

If you have young children and you worry about the button eyes, you can use code YARNEYES when you check out and Jessica will embroider the eyes on any Shmuddle Buddy for no additional charge.

handmade dolls eco-friendly

handmade dolls eco-friendly

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The Beautiful Handmade World of Cathy McMurray


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When I originally discovered Cathy McMurray’s shop, I had every intentions of focusing on her original art prints. However, her weavings were the items that keep calling to me. Handmade on a vintage miniature loom, each wall hanging  is tied to a piece of driftwood from the Oregon coast. For something so petite, they really pack a punch. They’re those little works of art that, when placed in a space, totally captivates your attention.




OK, so now to the art. I am so in love with these pieces. They’re archival art prints of Cathy’s original mixed media art. She prints them herself, naturally. What I didn’t expect is that she use a premium eco-friendly paper that is made from bamboo, cotton fibers, and pure spring water. Bamboo paper? That sounds so eco-amazing! At just $25, they’re super affordable. Wouldn’t they make a great 1AM Promise purchase?





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