What’s Hot Right Now: Louisa Podlich’s A Mano Shop Update


I have some of the best LAB sponsors. One of them is Lauren Podlich. Lauren has one of the hottest curated shops right now, A Mano, full of fantastic handmade goods from an amazing collection of artists. The A Mano shop was recently updated and I wanted to get Lauren’s take on what’s happening and what’s hot in the A Mano shop. Her are her picks:

Handmade Profiles: Olivia Ewing

The Fish Indie network really is a great place for Etsy artists to be. I love having them as a LAB sponsor and I check my own sidebar regularly to see which talented artist will appear. Today we will focus on Olivia Ewing and her beautiful nature-inspired collection. Not only does Olivia have a passion for jewelry making, she also is deeply committed to helping others. Hence, a portion of her sales go to various charities that are close to her heart.