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Handmade Style Guide 004: Lighting


If you’re looking to upgrade your space, one of the easiest solutions is to change the lighting. Fortunately for you, Pinklion is bringing together some of the most talented lighting makers from around the world to help you make choosing cool lighting that much easier. Check out these 4 options and tell us which one is your favorite.


Clockwise from top left: Ka Lamp S from Woodendot, Porcelain Pendant Lights from GANTlights, Switchback Desk Lamp from Jones County Road, IdéeAL Table Lamp from Intoconcrete

About This Collection:

  1. Ka Lamp S from WoodendotKa S is a table lamp which radiates ambient light. It distinguishes itself by its simple and elegant lines, and enhances the curve in its beech wood base, which is ideal to place small objects on. From its base, a leaning pole arises, incorporating a natural leather detail. The metal lampshade filters the light through a natural cotton diffuser. Available in black or white finish.
  2. Porcelain Pendant Lights from GANTlightsThe triangualte pendant lamp [K1] is cast from a white porcellain. Its simple design and timeless look makes it to a special “eye-catcher”. Because of the high quality of the batch, the light shines through the lampshade. With an edge length of 12 x 10 x 10 cm, the lamp is suitable both, individually as “eye-catcher” but also in series over a dining table, a long table, a sideboard, a desk, a bar or anywhere in the room in scene place. Due to its minimalistic design and the contrasting materials- concrete and gold, the designer lamp can be combined with any style. The handmade lampshade is delivered ready to install with a E14 brass mount, cable restraints, and 1.8 meters of black textile cable, mounting hardware and black canopy.
  3. Switchback Desk Lamp from Jones County RoadThis custom lamp is part steel and part brass. The steel has been darkened and manipulated to form a U curve for the base of the lamp. All brass parts have been polished to create an alluring shine. The swivel on the lamp is adjustable to 360 degrees side to side and 90 degrees up and down. The height on this lamp is 16 inches and has an on/off switch on a black cord
  4. IdéeAL Table Lamp from IntoconcreteThe IdéeAL Table Lamp feature a timeless design flawlessly executed in a surprising material. The handmade lamps that draw inspiration from turn-of-the-century lanterns are an expression of Concrete Home Design’s vision of making concrete beautiful by pushing the boundaries of the material’s possible forms, colors and structures.





7 Easy Pieces: Seth Damm’s Amazing Handmade Jewelry



Seven Easy Pieces from Seth Damm: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Seth Damm is operating on a frequency of creative energy that few of us have seen. Who else can turn yards of rope into colorful handmade statement pieces that defy categorization? They’er one part tribal, but that tribe might just be from a future where style matters more than trends and color is the language de choix. So yes, I’m saying Seth is a time traveller, sent here from the future to show us the path to a fashionable tomorrow. (I really need to recheck this herbal tea I brought back from Portland).

I’ve been reading a lot of the interviews that have featured Seth and his work, discovering some amazing details. Like the fact that Solange, that’s right that Solange, carries his work in her Exodus Goods shop. His work is finding it’s place on the neck of other notables, but Seth isn’t waiting around to be discovered. He is popping up in places like Adorn Milk, the latest handmade jewelry endeavor from the editors of Design Milk.

Of course, you can also see Seth’s Neon Zinn pieces in The Emporium, but I also wanted you to take a closer look at the pieces together. As a whole collection, you get what is probably a partial grasp of the sheer creativity in Seth’s creations. But these are not the work of someone who just wants you to observe them; they are meant to be touched. As he said in this interview in Gray Magazine, “They’re not overly precious. I’m asking people to consider this as a higher level of art, but if you look closer, you’ll see that my canvas is still just a humble piece of rope”.