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A Note From the Editor: Look, We Have A Schedule!

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You’re probably asking yourself, “What took him so long?” Trust me, I’m asking myself the same question. With a backlog of artists to feature and a long list of makers on the horizon, I thought it would be helpful both to my loyal readers and for myself if I went back to an actual schedule for posting. So, without further ado, here it is:


The basic rundown is that on Mondays and Tuesdays I’ll start the week off with my Get Inspired series, focusing on great branding and packaging. I’ll also showcase makers from across the spectrum who’ve created video presentations on Vimeo as well as any Kickstarters that I feel that we should give a little support to. Also, a regular feature on Monday will be my #THELABCHAT posts that will hopefully insight you to make comments here and on Ello, Instagram and Twitter. The rest of the posts on Mondays and Tuesdays will highlight handmade jewelry, accessories and other modern handmade goods.

(Speaking of Ello, did you know that I’ve started a #ellomaker community that now has 10,000 followers? Please consider joining us on Ello and tag your posts with #ellomakers so I can share them with this very eager and highly creative community.)

Wednesdays will have posts dedicated to my LAB Gents and those who dress them as well as some fresh posts for kids. You’ll be seeing my Handmade Style posts on a regular basis throughout the week, Including Thursdays and Fridays, where I’ll be turning my attention to goods for the home.

I hope this gives you a little guidance and builds some anticipation for what’s to come in 2016. Is there something that you’d like to see here on the LAB? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for some great posts!


Artists featured above: The Umbrella CollectiveHeather PalmerYulia TsukermanMarja Germans GardLunatic Art.


VFTD Special Edition: LAB Road Trip 2015 & More Handmade News

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There is a lot happening behind the scenes in LAB HQ, but what would a week be without some fresh handmade goodness to share? Take a peek at that crazy-cool bag up there. I’ll tell you a little about the artist and his stunning creation, right after I tell you some exciting news about the LAB.

///// LAB Road Trip 2015: We’re Coming to the Mainland

It’s that time again. Living on the Big Island is great, but with family, friends and Trader Joe’s on the mainland, we need to make that big leap across the ocean. This year, I’ll be stopping in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. I’m hoping to connect with a few artists along the way.


I’ll be posting more details as the trip unfolds, but I have a few dates on the books already. I’ll be in San Francisco on the 3rd and 4th, Sacramento the 6th-9th, Portland on the 11th, 12th and 17th, Seattle 14th-17th and Back to San Francisco on the 20th and 21st. Hopefully I can connect with as many of you as I can during my stay on the mainland. Stay tuned on Instagram for more details.

///// The Emporium Cometh – Makers Come to the Forefront

This week, while I’m traveling, I will also be working to load all the new artists that will be showcased in the Emporium for the autumn and winter season. For the next four months, the bulk of the artists that will be showcased on the LAB will be those who have joined me in this new endeavor.

My goal is simple: from blog posts to social media shares, my newsletter and press releases, I will be shining the brightest light ever on a collection of modern makers who have robust collections of incredible handmade goods and who are kind enough to support my efforts. Because of this, I will not be accepting Submissions for the rest of the year. I have a small selection of new artists to introduce you to, but I really want you to support the makers that support the LAB, so these folks get center stage for the next 4 months.

Indie blogs and indie artists can create an incredible partnership. I hope that my efforts inspire other bloggers to reach beyond the current and popular blogging models and try a different direction. Speaking of indie artists, who are some of the artists in our roster for this autumn and winter season? Take a peek:


This is just a taste of the incredible artists and handmade finds that you will see on display: Clockwise from the top left: White concrete planter by OpusConcrete, Bayview poster art by TheGRQP, Floating Clouds 2 abstract painting by Yang Yang PanDecorative trays from Micush and Ceramic nesting bowls from Soul Vessel Designs.

I can’t wait for you to see the rest of the artists that I have lined up. I should mention that I have a few more spots open and I’m especially looking for sites that curate other makers, pottery and ceramic artists, photographers, apothecary and items for kids. If you have a decent-sized collection and a modern aesthetic, take a look at how the Emporium works here and how I will be promoting your work here. Then drop me a note at with Emporium Submission in the subject line as soon as possible. Serious inquires only, please.

///// Featured Artist: Adolfo Navarro for Lo Esencial

I have been salivating over this bag by Adolfo Navarro for a few months and I can’t resist showcasing it today.


Adolfo is a talented maker and designer, based out of Guadalajara, Mexico. His Lo Esencial collection is stunning but his Pliego bag is the real standout. I’m hoping for an interview and a feature on the collection and the brand in the near future. Until then, enjoy and I’ll see you all on September 7th! ~ Brett


[faktory_blockquote title=”About The Design” subtitle=”Adolfo Navarro for Lo Esencial” size=”normal”]Pliego is the most representative product of Lo Esencial, it’s versatile with a peerless functionality. A product that easily adapts to what you want to store in it. Pliego design was conceived from a deep study on the origami technics and its functional enforcement in everyday objects.

The result: a bag whose structure can be configured in three different ways. Just by folding and creasing, Pliego adapts to what the user wants to carry, whether it is a laptop, tablet, documents or books, analog photographic equipment or just everyday objects, Pliego is the ideal product to carry them.[/faktory_blockquote]


Lo Esencial:

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