You’re a mover and a shaker, and not just on the dance floor. It’s time to get organized for 2013 and I’ve got another trio of handmade goods to help you get ready for another year of handmakin’.

  1. Carry your Moleskin with style in this Piano Nobile Notebook from R&L Goods. This is really a great deal. Not only do you get the handmade notebook with the custom design by Piano Nobile, you also get a blank journal and pencil. R&L’s nifty notebook features a colored elastic band  and a slot for your pen or pencil.
  2. Need a handy bag to carry your gear around in? Why not get this stylish handcrafted tote from Eat Sleep Play. Elevating the lowly tote to its rightful status, this copper tan leather beauty will make everything it carries feel more important.
  3. I featured Hortensia already this week, but I just have to showcase one more item from Elizabeth Tola and Michelle Peglau’s shop. It’s called the Manta throw, It’s chunky, huge and made of 100% Baby alpaca wool.

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