If you’re going to run a successful handmade business, you’ve got to get organized. There’s no better way to get organized than to surround yourself with handmade tools. And you’ll need to carry those tools with you, right? And don’t you want to be cozy while you’re using those handmade tools that you’re carrying around in your handmade tool carrying device? Of course you do! {Yep, I’m totally setting you up. Just play along.} Hence, our Book, Bag & Blanket series was born, just for you. Not only will you be in a state of handmade glee, but since you NEED THEM for business, they’re write-offs!* Here’s 3 you’ll need:

  1. The iPad is now such a part of my life. How else would i be able to play Words With Friends?  How else would I stay organized? Be sure to protect your little Apple with the Dodocase. handmade in San Francisco, these cases come in such a fantastic array of designs and colors. You are bound to find one perfect for your iPad. If you’re using some other type of tablet, they’ve got you covered as well. The one I’ve featured is called the Pablo. I need it. Say it with me until you believe it: I NEED IT.
  2. Gotta have a bag to carry your ‘tools’, right? Here’s a drool worthy one from Billykirk. Called the No. 164 Small Carryall, this bag can really do it all. It can  hold most laptops in the 13″ – 15″ range, has two interior pockets and comes with that fantastic leather bottom. Just click over and look at the details. This bag rocks!
  3. Get cozy with the boomin’ red blanket from Best Made. This mostly wool blanket, with just a touch of cotton, is the perfect partner for cozy brain storming. Those folks over at Best Made put so much effort into making great things, and this blanket is no exception. Made in conjunction with Pendleton Woolen Mills, you won’t find a better work partner. I feel more productive just thinking about it. Just as soon as I wake up from my power nap.

*I will not be held responsible for any audits that may result from these posts. If the agent shows up, just wrap him in the blanket. That totally helps.

  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that Dodo case! I am really hoping to get a portable device of some type this season and that case looks like it would help it survive my abuse. Great recommendations! :)

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