You can never start too early to get ready for another year of creating. The first place that could probably use some organizing for the new year is your office space. Isn’t it amazing how a great workspace can foster creativity and inspiration? The opposite is very true, too.

Now, this isn’t necessarily about tidy vs. messy. Everyone has their own version of organization. What looks like a hurricane-driven disaster to one person is an organized landscape to others. The real goal is to have the tools that you need and the best environment to move you to creative greatness. Here are a few items that you might want to add to your workspace for 2013.

Winter Session just opened their webshop. So many great things over there, you gotta go and see. Because, you know, you should follow this advice. One item that I thought would be a great addition to your workspace is this waxed roll-up. I have an older one similar to this that used to have paint brushes in it. This one is way better than mine. The dark fabric, the red stitching and the leather strap pretty much take this over the top. What tools of your trade would you tuck in here?

There’s something very freeing about an this unconstructed storage box from Bookhou. It’s the perfect size for catching all those little things that start ganging up in little spots in the workspace. It comes in a variety of patterns by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj, the creative team behind the brand. Grab a couple of these and organize your space in style.

The one thing that I don’t have in my little office space is a pin board. I really need one. I used to love to collect business cards and put them on boards in a collage, in a kind of Mondrian pattern. Image how cool they would look (along with those reciepts you better not lose or your accountant wife will kill you) on a pin board from AL+EM. I would choose the round one in gray like this one, but they offer a ton of options that I’m sure would look grand on your walls.

I have one piece of advice for 2013: embrace the pencil. I have to admit, I am a pen lover. My favorite right now has to be from Muji. Because shipping is so nutzo from the mainland to the Big Island, I have a few ‘sources’ who hit up Muji and ship them to me. If anyone knows of affordable handmade pens, let me know in the comments.

But for 2013, I’m all about the pencil. I just write better in pencil and mistakes don’t make me as OCD as the indelible ones I make with ink. I’ve been collecting a few over the past month and I’m ready. Or at least I will be once I get my hands on these ‘Less Is More’ pencils from One Up Design. They’re chuckle-worthy, to say the least. One Up Design has a few more quirky sets in the shop. Take a peak and tell me which one is your favorite.

OK, this might seem like an indulgence, but hear me out. First of all, most of us should probably be drinking more water. I know I should. Also, surrounding yourself with pretty things makes you work better. Plus, you like to support handmakers. You can achieve all these goals by treating yourself to this gorgeous Off Pitcher + Cup from Esque. When it’s full, it’s your water receptacle of choice. When it’s empty, it’s art. How can you go wrong with that?

Who knew the tablet would become such an ubiquitous part of our creative lives? I use my everyday and this nice triangle tablet stand from the talented Jill Allyn. Handmade from sycamore wood, it’s a very affordable way to add some structural integrity to your tablet.

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