I’m a professional warm beverage drinker. Oh, you didn’t know that occupation existed? Well, we are a secret society, only discoverable by the subtle scent of chamomile, coffee and the slight cookie residue we leave behind. Until you get your official invite, here are some supplies to get you started on your quest for tea serenity.


Espresso Cups by Biscuit Cult

Vintage Map of Ny Coasters by Tilissimo   


Eco-friendly Cotton Napkins by JAQSstudio

handmade ceramics

Porcelain Cup by Designlump


Birch Wood Coasters by urban + forest

handmade linen napkins

Pussy Willow Linen Napkins by Madderroot

letterpress handmade coasters

Dandelion Breeze Letterpress Coasters by Ruffhouse Art

handmade teapot

Teapot by Laurie Goldstein Ceramics

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