I’m always on the hunt for new fonts and this quintet of fonts just recently made it into my recently edited font collection. All of these are not only free, but can be used for both personal and commercial use without attribution. How cool is that? 


Here’s some info about each font, going clockwise from the top left:

  1. Kaiju was designed by Anthony James, an illustrator and graphic designer based out of Manchester, UK. Kaiju comes in regular and bold and I can totally see this on a magazine cover or poster. It has a futuristic vibe and I love its blend of heavy and thin lines.
  2. Odin Rounded is a brand new font that comes in 5 weights and was designed by Frank Hemmekam. Frank says that “Odin Rounded is an free experimental font family with a clean and linear appearance. The simple compact nature of the design and the many alternates allows for great economy of space across layouts. It supports upper/lowercase, kerning and opentype features.” If you do designed something with this one, let Frank know. He’s really interested in seeing what people create with it.
  3. Marshall is another new font release that is worthy of attention. Designer Lexi Griffith was inspired to create this multi-layerd font from her travels, especially in Berlin, with its amazing and detailed architecture. Marshall is designed to showcase both the outer and inner structure of each letter. I think it’s a beautiful example of modern font design.
  4. Quebec-based Marie-Michelle is a blogger by day and font designer by night. Fancy me is her first free font and it’s a real winner. I love the 1920’s vibe to it and, although its thin, it really packs a nice graphic punch. This is a poster designer’s dream. Be sure to let Marie-Michelle know what you think of her work via this post and she would also love to see what you create with it.
  5. My last selection is Bebas Neue and it’s the perfect sans serif font for everyday use. Originally designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa of Dharma Type Foundry, this new version comes in 4 weights. Known as the “Helvetica of free fonts”, this clean and modern font is perfect for the web and for print.

I hope you download all 5. Let me know which one is your favorite and how you would use it in the comments below or on Twitter @iamthelab.