Are you ready for February? Ready to crack those knuckles, stretch those limbs and start creating your next batch of greatness? If so, yeah you! If not, let me help you to get motivated with this free set of wallpapers. 

This month is all about being extraordinary. Don’t let the pressure to be unique and original get to you. Most extraordinary things in life are made up of little ordinary pieces and parts. Most extraordinary people are similarly folks who do a succession of ordinary things until something amazing and spectacular emerges. Be those people, ya’ll. Do what you do, do it well and something wonderful will happen.

Enjoy these free wallpapers for February 2014. There’s one for your desktop, one for your tablet and one for your phone. If you do download and use these, tag me on Instagram @iamthelab  or Twitter @iamthelab and I’ll share your picture with my followers. Create great in February. Viva la handmade!

Free Desktop Wallpaper - Free Desktop Wallpaper -

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