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We all need inspiration, but did you know that you also needed Designspiration? Oh, you will after you read this post! I’ve been a member of this site for over a year now, and I can tell you that it is my new go-to resource for modern and fresh design inspiration. Shelby White is the mastermind behind Designspiration, so I did a little sleuthing to find out more about his crazy-cool project.

On Shelby’s blog, he explains the process behind this unique website. I have to say this: if you are in the process of formulating a new creative project, you should definitely use Shelby’s process as a model. I love that it’s not overly complicated, yet it is very specific. He broke this new venture down into 5 parts. You will surely find his process useful. Basically, Shelby wanted to create a go-to site for creatives to find inspiration. It really is that simple. However, the layout, typography and search capabilities he’s infused into Designspiration makes it a very useful and fresh take on the concept of curation.

What I’ve done with this post is highlight the categories that I spend way too much time exploring. Just click on the pics to head over to Designspiration. Please note that Designspiration is an invitation-only site. You need a web portfolio of some kind to be invited. However, use of the site is open to all. So, click and enjoy!



You might be wondering why you, especially as a handmaker, would need to have this site on your must-see list. Well, if you are building a blog and want to know where site layout is going these days, this is a great place to get inspiration. I’ll be honest with you, some of the blogs that I examine when I am putting my posts together could really use some help. I’ve got something coming today to help with that, but it appears to me that many handmakers are shooting themselves in the foot design-wise. Having a site that looks 2013 makes a ton of sense. You’ve got to standout to standout.

Also, many of you design your own logos, shop headers and packaging. There are some tremendous ideas floating around on Designspiration. I really think it’s the site to visit while you are designing your branding. I’ve given you tons of fonts on the LAB. Now, thanks to Designspiration, you can figure out how to use them! Trust me, I’m in a learning curve myself with design and I plan to keep learning. Resources like this make it much easier.





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