Isn’t that a great quote? As another year fades into the distance, it’s always a good idea to look back to see how I’ve changes and grown. Usually for me, the greatest gauge of growth centers on simplifying. Whether it’s my approach to running the LAB or in my management of all the other must-do things in my life, finding ways to simplify is an essential part of being a productive, creative person. That’s why that quote resonates with me so strongly. I’m always working on making sure that the finished product, i.e. this blog, has the magnetic appeal of simplicity.

There are great benefits in reflecting on the last 12 months. The goal is not to burden your soul by berating the self over past mistakes. It should be to see where you’ve grown, to find where you’ve consolidated your energy and where you see room for more simplicity. I like to ask myself: What would I do differently if I could? Where can I streamline my work? What can I minimize in order to maximize my potential to grow? This type of assessment can really help me to focus and also give lets me praise myself when it is due.

So, how about you? Here’s the assignment: can you think of one thing you did this year to simplify your creative life? What success are you the most proud of? What primary goal do you have for your creative endeavors in 2013? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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