First of all, I must say that there isn’t an artist that you’ve seen here that I don’t admire. In fact, search for the word ‘love‘ and you’ll discover that I have totally abused that word this year. With that said, there are some handmade items that really stood out to me and had me totally rethinking the boundaries of hand making this past year.

Before I get into my list, would you like to know what post was your favorite in 2012? Here it is:

#1 Reader’s Choice post for 2012: Finnell Fine Art

Congrats to Carolyn Finnell & her incredible artwork. Be sure to check out her collection. OK, now on to my list. Here are my 10 favorite finds from 2012 in random order. Be sure to check out the original post and then head over to their handmaker’s shop and show them some love.

#1 – Unurth

#2 – Noah Marion

#3 – Decadorn

#4 – Abby Seymour

#5 – Inkefx

#6 – Willow and Muse

#7 – NOMO

#8 – Hammocks & High Tea


#9 – Smith/Grey

#10 – Grqp

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