One of the biggest obstacles that I hear, when it comes to daily blogging, is the lack of content. ‘Where do you find interesting things to post?’, is the question I’ve been asked time an time again. Well, the solution isn’t as hard as some might think. Here are some great resources, full of artists who deserve some attention.

20×200 is a great place to find artists to feature. Founder Jen Bekman has created a resource where collecting art is fun and affordable. They array of art is actually kind of staggering. So many great artists and the prices start at just $24 dollars. You could feature one piece a day and have enough content for years.

The one rule of thumb when featuring art on your blogs: be sure to link back to the source. I like to put the artist name in the title of the image. Just right click on your image and put the information, including the link, right there. That way, when people rollover the image, the name will show up, giving them the incentive to click & go. Be sure to mark, on the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab, the box for ‘open link in new window”.   We Link With Love in the LÄB and you should too.

Ya’ll know how much I love Bigcartel. It is my go-to resource for handmade goods and it is full of great artists as well. Just go to their directory and look under the Art & Design category or the Paper Goods. Besides the incredible diversity on Bigcartel, I am with them in their support for indie shops. They present one of the best virtual marketplaces on the web.

I just recently discovered Society6 and, I’ve got to tell you, I like what I see. I have a shop there myself and I’m in good company. There are some incredibly talented folks over there. Society6 is easy to navigate and you will not be disappointed with the selection.

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