One of the best ways to find great content for your blogs is to steal it from other bloggers. I KID, I KID! Seriously, sharing with your readers posts that you enjoy from other bloggers is a great way to increase your readership. There are a number of ways to do this. I find the easiest way to keep track of bloggers that you like is to start a blogroll.

A blogroll can do two things for you:

  1. It keeps you organized. It’s much easier for you to click and read when you have a handy virtual list, right on your blog. I have mine on its own page.
  2. Readers like them. I, for one, love a good blogroll or resources list. It’s a great way for me to find new blogs to fall in love with and new artists to feature.

Here are some blogs that have great blogrolls or resource lists. Take a few minutes, perhaps while you sip your $20, double-bubble, mocha latte extreme deluxe, with no whip:

  1. Obsessilicious – Besides being a great blog and selling cool posters, this is one killer blogroll
  2. sfgirlbybay – Probably the best resources page on the web. Dead serious.
  3. Lobster & Swan – Best name for a blog ever!
  4. Gluten-Free Girl: A must-have list for the GF and foodie in you.
  5. Fly – A diva need s a blogroll, too
  6. Mine – No seriously, mine rocks.

Another way to keep up with blogs that you would like to share is with a reader program. Allison Lehman did a great post about this recently (as in today) that is very insightful on the subject. Which leads me to my second topic: sharing content. It’s really easy and the rules are simple:

  1. Find the posts you like.
  2. Write something nice.
  3. Link back to the post. We Link With Love in the LÄB and you should too.
  4. Let the blogger know you shared.

It’s really that easy. There’s so much great content out there and most bloggers are willing to share. I will be sharing posts from the bloggers who have joined us in Project #icandoit365, starting Friday. It’s not too late to join us.  So, are you using Google Reader? I’m about to start. How has it been for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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