How’s that blogging resolve going? Hit a wall? Don’t fret, my fine creative friend, We’re here to help.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a struggle with goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great goal setter. It’s the keeping of the goals that’s the struggle. The creative mind always seems to have a challenge segmenting time for what’s necessary versus what’s desired. I’ve done better as of late and I wanted to share some tips.

  1. Pick a goal: It seems obvious, but learning to simplify your list is really a challenge. You have to decide what your priorities are and then pick the one that is either the most urgent or the most attainable.
  2. Set a deadline: I find that having a date on the calendar helps me to get my brain in motion.
  3. Make a plan: Write down the steps that you believe will lead you from aspiration to reality. Try not to make it too complicated. Complicated steps lead to goal sabotage.
  4. Anticipate obstacles: Try to figure out in advance what the obstacles will be. For instance, with blogging, the main obstacles are content and time. Oh, and my own willpower.
  5. Create a ‘Plan B’: If, during the process, you discover that the current path to your goal is becoming difficult to navigate, have an alternative ready. For example, maybe if your life circumstances change and you don’t have time to blog extensively everyday, make it a ‘Plan B’ to use single images or a famous quote as a back-up. That way, you don’t lose the habit and abandon your goal.
  6. Reward yourself: When you reach your goal, it is so important that you reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough for you to celebrate, rejuvenate and prepare for your next goal.

How about you? What creative goals have you set for yourself? What has helped you to reach them?

  1. I have a problem with setting goals in that the things I want to achieve seem to be outside of my direct control, so I find it hard to see the point of it. The things will either happen or they won’t. For example, I could set a goal of achieving x number of blog followers by a certain date. But as I am already trying to do all I can to achieve as many followers as possible, what’s the point of setting the goal?

    1. I totally understand. Perhaps you can change the goal? Maybe it would be better to focus on the kind of content you posts. The readers will naturally come, as long as you continue to regularly post. I used to feel the same way about commenting. Once I started focusing on content, the comments came.

  2. Hi Brett,
    Have you read about Leo Baubauta (sp?)’s no goal theory? His idea is that goals limit us and by embracing a goal-less life, it opens us up to new possibilities.

    It’s something I’m trying to embrace, but it’s hard. I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 goals in my personal and professional life – that way I have more energy to focus on them. Even then, it’s hard. But I keep trying!

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