You’re dedicated to blogging. Or at least you’re trying to be. You start off with zeal and determination. After a few days or weeks, you find yourself slowing down. Then, like the last drip from a faucet you’ve already turned off, the writing stops. That’s right, you’ve hit the wall.

Here are some tips that can prevent you from hitting the proverbial wall.

  1. Remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place. If you run your own handmade business, an active blog is a great way to get additional traffic to your online shop. It’s a valid means to connecting with others. You can reinforce your social media presence via your blog. And blogging can be another fertile ground in which to sow the seeds of your creativity.
  2. Set reasonable blogging goals. You might start off with a burst of zeal, hoping to blog everyday. It’s a great goal and many attain it. But maybe with your busy schedule, it’s just not possible to do it everyday. Why not aim for 2 – 3 times a week? You can also take an hour, say on a Sunday evening, and format your posts for the week and then have the post go live automatically by scheduling them.
  3. Redefine in your mind what a blog post is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a post need not be a 300 word essay. Take some pictures with your smartphone or tablet and use them as blog fodder. A great picture and a few words = blog post. It’s really that simple.
  4. Get a partner. Having someone in your life who is aware of your blogging goals can be the positive push you need to keep going. Perhaps it’s another creative person who blogs or someone who you know will appreciate what you are trying to do. Sharing your goal with someone else can keep you on track. When you feel you are veering off the path, have them give you some sweet encouragement. There is nothing wrong with having a cheerleader!

Do you have some other suggestions that have kept you on the path of regular blogging? Feel free to share them below.


  1. I find the best thing that keeps me posting regularly is to have a schedule. I don’t mean a list of specific posts and what day I’ll post them on (though you can do that too) but to have a few categories of posts and a specific day of the week or month for each. For example I try to write a behind the scenes post every Tuesday and an outfit post every Friday. I also have a few which I post monthly, such as a featured artist post on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
    Having this type of schedule provides a deadline of sorts for each post and also helps inspire me when I’m trying to think what to write about.

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