It’s that time again font feigns! Ten Dollar Fonts continues to be the place to go for a great curated shop o’ fontasticness. This new addition is called Fifty Fifty and was designed by Lennartb. You’ll never guess what inspired this font. Keep scrolling and you’ll see…

Be sure to turn down the volume on this. It’s got a nice & rowdy soundtrack.

Fifty Fifty – Typeface design timelapse from Crooked Hamster on Vimeo.

Coolness! You can always depend on Ten Dollar Fonts to bring you the best of the best. Be sure to pay attention to the usage limitations. For most of the fonts in the Ten Dollar shop, there are two versions: one for personal use and one for commercial use, which is a tad bit more per font. Still a good deal. I’ve purchased a few and I’m sure I’ll be grabbing a few more in 2013.

Looking for a few freebies? Here are 10 more to add to your collection. Again, be sure to check each for the usage limitations, if any. If you do use the fonts, let me know and I’ll feature your creations here on the LAB. Why? Because me likes you!

Tall Boy by andchris | Manteka by Eduardo Araya | Silverfake by Mrfrukta | Bentham by Keith Hayden | 400ml by Marco Terre | Coco by Hendrick Rolandez | Infinity by Tarin Yuangtrakul | Prime by Max Pirsky | Myra by Sergiy Tkachenko | Bariol by atipo


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