Here’s another great font from the Ten Dollar Font family. It’s called Build and was created by Joe Warburton, a UK graphic designer. By the way, you should check out Joe’s design-project-a-day blog. Pretty cool idea. OK, back to the font. Build is described by Joe as a “clean and structured typeface inspired by building tools”. It was used by Joe for a specific branding project (which you can see here) and he has now made it available for both personal and professional use in the Ten Dollar Font store.



Looking for some free fonts? Here are ten clean fonts for your personal collection. Be sure to check the usage rights for each one. If you end up using any of these in your projects, let me know. I would love to see where and how you use them.


1. Telegrafico by ficod | 2. Quicksand by alienbreed | 3. PT Sands by Paratype Fonts | 4. Nobile by Vernon Adams | 5. Bebas by Flat-it Fonts | 6. Metamorphous by Sorkin Type Co  | 7. Mathlete by Mattox | 8. Jura by Ed Merritt | 9. Franchise by Derek Weathers Bee  | 10. Exo by Natanael Gama

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