I’m super excited to tell you about a new feature I am adding to the LAB for 2013. Well, it’s not exactly new to the LAB actually. I’ve been playing around with the idea of a Blog Blitz for sometime now. However, the idea of what it should be, or maybe what it could be, wasn’t really clear to me until recently.

It is so much fun to find new and exciting handmakers to share with you every week. My one wish is to see these hardworking and creative folks prosper. For instance, I recently spoke to Mari Robeson about the effect that the LAB has had on her fabulous collection. I added her gorgeous calendar to one of my two 2013 calendar posts, hoping that others would appreciate her hand-drawn creation. Mari told me that, thanks to that post, she completely sold out her supply! That just made my day. Mission accomplished!

However, there were 19 other calendars on those posts. What would happen if other bloggers created a post of their own featuring one or more of those same calendars? Image the impact! That’s how a Blog Blitz should work, and that is exactly what I am hoping to accomplish.

I’ve known for awhile that many artisans & handmakers are afraid to approach bloggers to ask for features. I also know, thanks to a well-timed conversation with design guru Brandon Smith, that many bloggers are looking for fresh content. Brandon shares a sentiment that many bloggers share: they want to feature new and emerging talents. It’s great for readership and it’s great for the artisans. So, with that in mind, the Blog Blitz idea came sharply into focus.

It’s simple: when you see a post here on the LAB or featuring an artist that you really like, go to your blogs and create your own post about them. All I ask is that you mention that you saw them here on the LAB. A simple linked “H/T to IAMTHELAB.com” at the end of the post will do. ‘H/T’ is ‘hat tip’ and is a way of acknowledging the source for your post. That’s all. I will be building a network of blogs that are want to participate and will add them to the Blog Blitz page.

With Blog Blitz, I think we can really make a difference for handmakers and bloggers alike. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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