Yeah, it’s Friday! So much happening around here and the rest of the web. I hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve been pretty swamped myself. With the launch of LAB Maison pending, the LAB Pop Up Shop opening and my Get Ready 2013 project about to start, I’ve decided that I need a clone. Anyone know where I can get one of those? Here’s some great stuff from around the web:

  1. It was another insanely good week over at Design Seeds. Start with Monday. It just gets better from there. Go Jessica!
  2. Did you listen to After the Jump this week? Grace interviewed Jen Bekman of 20×200 & Hey Hot Shot! fame? It’s a great interview with someone that has truly changed the way we view art.
  3. Yes, cats do run the internetz. This one has been working all week, probably running the Huffington Post.
  4. Are you a Fashion + Decor fan? You should be. I think I could rock this coat. If only I needed it on the Big Island. @shameless
  5. I’ve been exploring some of the great shops using Shopify. I love that they have a blog over there with lists of shops to explore. So many shops!
  6. Speaking of shopping, did you visit the LAB Pop Up Shop. Adding one more treat tonight. Please be sure to shop by and support these 25 handmakers.

I just have to throw a big shout out to Jessika and the Oh My Handmade crew. Did you see the 2013 Happy Healthy Entreprenuer Planner? It’s a great way to get organized for the new year. Oh, and don’t forget to stay tuned for Jessika’s big site remodel. It looks AMAZING! With branding by This Paper Ship, it’s gonna be so good. Have a great weekend!

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