An Astrid Endeavor // Handmade Jewelry // IAMTHELAB

When I decided to jump back into the branding game, I had a dream first client. Fortunately, my dream client, at the exact moment that I jumped into the pool, was on the other end, hopping on the diving board, ready to join me in the cool waters of brand re-imagination. I’ve been a fan of An Astrid Endeavor from the very first moment that I discovered Astrid Reichenbach’s gloriously colorful and eclectic handmade collection. (I guess I’m a groupie at this point: Astrid has been on the LAB at least 6 times!) Her designs are a wondrous blend of tribal-influenced colors and geometric shapes that are transformed into beautiful handmade jewelry.

For our first consultation together, Astrid had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted; she just needed to be able to express it artistically. To help her, I directed her to my Design & Branding Inspiration board on Pinterest. I next created a special private board, that I’m making public today, so that she could pull from the Design & Branding Inspiration board’s 800+ pins and from her personal favorites and create a branding mood board.

As you can see from the sample mood board below, Astrid leans toward bold fonts and tribal graphics with touches of subtlety, which makes perfect sense based on her collection. Inspired by her excellent picks, I started the process of designing. Astrid was great to work with; she’s honest and kind, giving constructive feedback for each iteration. Finally, a design started to emerge and I was able to capture exactly what Astrid wanted for her branding. The finishing touch, that fantastic crystal image, was provided by Astrid herself. What a great choice!

Once we decided on the final look, I created all of the elements that Astrid needed to push her new branding out into the world: business cards, social media banners, etc. Part of my Brand Build service is to make sure that the artist has access to all the files and fonts that they’ll need as they expand their business. For instance, Astrid does a lot of craft shows, so it’s important that she has the ability to create banners and other collateral materials. I’ll be there to offer any help she needs as she grows her brand, free of charge. Hey, that’s what LAB Partners are for, right? The best part of the process for me is hearing the words, “I really like! I’m excited! Thanks so much, Brett!” Mission accomplished. If you are a maker looking to refresh your branding, let me help. Together, we can create great things. Be sure to check out Astrid’s incredible creations in the shop, right here.


The finished product: