Architect, artist, painter and designer. Casey Sibley’s interesting creative resume is clearly on display with her fantastic collection of handmade goods for your home and life. Her intricate patterns and attention to detail are impressive and worthy of a closer look.

Casey let’s us in on her creative life in the latest post for my Handmade Profiles series. I love Casey’s choices for audio inspiration. I’m listening to This American Life as I type this.  I saw the podcasts for Friday as my end-of-the-week treat. Enjoy the interview and be sure to click over and explore Casey’s entire collection.


1. What inspired you to begin your collection?
I have been interested in art and creating for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I loved to draw, and would spend a lot of time doodling and drawing collages of images on just about anything I could get my hands on (including my grade school desks). Over the years I have enjoyed painting as well, but have been drawn back to pen and ink sketching.

I started selling a few art pieces a couple of years ago and fell in love all over again with the process of creating. Since then, I have been expanding my offerings. The most current items in my shop feature my designs on different media: wood panels and fabric. In the past I have kept the simplicity of black and white pen and ink art prints with little manipulation. But lately I have been experimenting with color, using bright and airy palettes to take my drawings to the next level.



2. Can you name a favorite source of inspiration?
I am constantly inspired by nature. Whenever I see the patterns on a leaf or flower petal or tree trunk, I immediately think about how I would draw it and how I would make it my own. I love to deconstruct and reassemble these small repeating organic forms, creating a collage that becomes something different than where it started.

3. What materials do you love to use?
I enjoy working with pen and ink on paper because it is the easiest and fastest way to get my ideas down. And I love the stark contrast of black and white art. This also makes it easy for me to manipulate the drawings digitally once I have a composition started, so that I can experiment with color.



4. Do you have a dream collaborator?
A collaboration with a retailer such as Crate and Barrel (specifically CB2 or Land of Nod) for a line of home textiles would be amazing.

5. When you need a musical muse, who do you turn the volume up for?
Actually, I work best when I can listen to talk radio. I love to listen to shows with a good story or ones that focus on science and mystery. My top three are Radio Lab, This American Life, and Snap Judgment.


6. How do you use social media/blogging to promote your work?
I use social media a lot to promote my work! I think we are in an age where self promotion is easier than ever. I am still learning the ropes of social media for my business, but I have found that it is one of the best ways to get exposure for my brand online. I can build a relationship with my customers and really get them involved in the process of each product. It’s also a fantastic way to reach out to other artists and makers that are doing what I am doing to ask for advice and make a few friends.

The online handmade community is fantastic. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the most, with some Pinterest peppered in. I also have a blog at Most of all I try to use these platforms to connect with people and share a little more about my life and creative process behind the scenes and not just blast nonstop shop updates.



7. Where do you see your shop/project going?
Eventually, I want to expand my designs to more textile and home goods work. I would love to have a line of bedding and home textiles featuring my designs in vibrant color palettes.

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