July 6, 2017: Discover the best modern handmade goods for the home in this week’s edition of the IAMTHELAB Gazette.


As someone who just came back from Barcelona and who eats a plant-based diet, I’m a

One of the primary reasons that I started the Branding and Packaging category on IAMTHELAB

With all the shiny tech that inhabits my workspace, I still can’t seem to get away f

I believe that it’s my duty to find one chocolate-themed branding and packaging proj

While I usually focus on handmade goods with these branding and packaging posts, I saw Mir

In my quest to find branding and packaging projects that feature handmade goods, I’m

This gorgeous branding and packaging, designed by Dmowski & Co. for LUI is a must-see.

I have so many great Instagram accounts in my Follow column that I thought I’d share

This particular branding and packaging project is the antithesis of what most design proje

How exciting is it to find another maker with a great branding and packaging to match thei

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Modern Handmade Goods from Etsy? Yes! Find them here.
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