Free Font: ARGON & Free Desktop Wallpaper

The first of our free font features is a cool typeface by Tom Anders Watkins. This version, which you can download here, is free for personal use. If you’d like the full typeface, you can purchase it on Creative Market for just $8, which is a steal. So, what’t the story behind this rad creation? Is there a free wallpaper somewhere in this post? Read on.

Tom says this about his handiwork: “Argon is a unique typeface with a sporty, modern, adventurous edge. Each letter is a solved three line thick puzzle that took me many months to put together.” Can you imagine how much time it must have taken to create this? Makes the full font seem like a steal, doesn’t it?


I loved playing with Argon so much, that I created a fresh desktop wallpaper, perfect for winter. Since I purchased a copy of the font for myself, I can share it with you. Download our  Free Wallpaper - Escape by IAMTHELAB (146 downloads)


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