E-Commerce Done Right: 5 Reasons to Discover Big Cartel

Big Cartel

I have been a Big Cartel fan from the beginning of my blogging days and, with so many makers aiming to stake their own place on the web, I thought it time to do a little cheerleading. Saying that I recommend Big Cartel is a lot, especially since I build WordPress sites and shops for a living. Full disclosure: for my tireless promotion of Big Cartel over the past 6+ years, they recently graciously gifted me a free shop for life, which I intend to use this year. With that said, why do I recommend Big Cartel? Here are 5 reasons:

5 Reasons to Choose Big Cartel


Big Cartel Pricing Table

Big Cartel is a great first (and maybe final step) toward owning your own online shop. The pricing structure is so affordable, with paid plans starting at just $9.99. If you’re tired of paying for both shop fees and seller fees, this will be a welcome break for you. Still not sure? Why, they even have a free account that you can play with and test out the backend! Yes, I know: it’s really great.

Big Cartel Trace Theme

Big Cartel offers well-designed shop templates that are free and easy to use. The backend, which we’ll talk about later, is user-friendly and makes choosing and switching themes a breeze. The current theme line-up includes, Foundry with has become an instant hit within the Big Cartel seller community. It’s amazing what a great header image can do to spruce up the place, and Foundry has that and more. My personal favorite? Probably Trace. I’ll be using it to reopen my print shop later this spring, FYI.

Big Cartel iOS App for iPhone & iPad

Big Cartel has a fantastic iPad and iPhone app for running your store on the go (or in my case, on the couch). I can’t begin to tell you how well-designed this app is, and guess what, I don’t have to: you can see this great blog post all about it. Coupled with the fact that you can now use Stripe with Big Cartel, you can literally sell on the road and manage you inventory too. How cool is that?

The Big Cartel Blog is Amazing!

Big Cartel’s blog is a must-read reference for anyone selling online, but especially for Big Cartel users. Between the artist interviews, which is a great way to find new and fresh makers like Foekje Fleur and Doug Johnston, to the tutorials and marketing tips, it’s really comprehensive. Want more? Check out this post about shooting great images for your shop.
Big Cartel New Admin Panel

The folks over there have really upped their game with their new admin panel. I’ve always believed it was pretty easy to use, but I’ve had a few artist in years past disagree with me. I don’t think that argument can be made at all as of late. It’s just so well-designed, so user-friendly, that I believe it’s a maker’s dream come true. The folks over there just added a cool new Discount interface that will blow you away. Seriously, set up a free shop and start playing with things.

These are just 5 of the reasons to choose Big Cartel. If you need one more, I’d have to add their exceptional customer service and their undying commitment to independent artists and makers. OK, that’s two more, but you get my drift. I highly recommend Big Cartel to any maker looking to make the leap to their own shop. Oh, and yes, you can use your own domain. That’s another one! Have any questions about Big Cartel? Ask away in the comments below. I’ll also ask one of their team members to jump in, just in case I can’t cover it.


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    January 25, 2017

    I’ve been considering Big Cartel seriously for the ease of use and their affordable prices. However, I wish they had a built-in newsletter feature with any of their themes.
    They do write about how you can add it yourself, but if you’re not into any type of coding – that isn’t much of a relief though; and paying someone for that feature is a tad bit counter intuitive when working with a limited budget.

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      January 26, 2017

      Hi Sarah –

      Have you mentioned this to them? They are pretty good at adding features per request, if viable. Perhaps they’ll at least add a Mailchimp plugin or something in the future. It’s a good idea.


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