July 6, 2017: Discover the best modern handmade goods for the home in this week’s edition of the IAMTHELAB Gazette.


Uncomplicated and beautiful, Elyse Royce is making a name for herself with her modern hand

It’s not hard to fall in love with Helen Osgerby’s Simple Shape. After all, wh

The first word that came to mind when I discovered the modern handmade ceramics collection

Finding a unique creative voice in the modern handmade ceramic universe can be a real chal

Is it possible to be brilliantly bold and yet serene? Understated and yet forward-thinking

I had to take a moment, while putting this post together, to go back to Eliana Bernard&#82

We are determined to showcase modern design from around the world here on IAMTHELAB, so it

When Mary Claire White approached me about a feature on IAMTHELAB, I took one look at her

Modern technology is changing the way we view so many areas of our lives that it makes sen

Just in case your life is devoid of bent plywood coolness, which I suspect it is, I bring

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