Shops We Love: Handmade by Black Rhino Ceramics

  • Brett
  • Jul 18, 2017

Uncomplicated and beautiful, Elyse Royce is making a name for herself with her modern handmade ceramic collection, Black Rhino Ceramics. Designed for everyday use, these pieces are perfect for those that like strong and sturdy handmade ceramics that easy on the eye. Get to know this talented maker below and then check out her work here.


Modern Handmade from Black Rhino Ceramics via IAMTHELAB


What moved you to start creating?
I’ve been driven to create ever since my mom took me to Denny’s at the age of nine where, while stuffing myself with pancakes, I entered a short story contest and won a family trip to Disneyland. Something like that really pumps a kid up! I’ve always enjoyed the process of making. I took up knitting at ten so that my dolls could have sleeping bags, an obvious must.

Music and writing were a big part of my teen’s but it wasn’t until I moved into an RV and traveled around the United States for a few years that the concept of creating as a viable career came about. I ran into makers from all walks of life while on the road which was incredibly inspiring. When I came back to California I took every creative class I could think of. I did jewelry- making, drawing, photography, creative writing and eventually ceramics which I fell head-over-heels in love with. Some people are just drawn to create and I am grateful to have found my passion.




What do you love about being a ceramic artist?
It’s fun!! Seriously, if you haven’t tried the wheel, do it. You can thank me later! Essentially, you are taking a pile of dirt and turning it into a functional object that has the potential to last forever which is pretty darn cool. I use the wheel for almost all of my functional-ware. I love sitting down, getting messy and losing myself in the creative process of throwing. Being able to go into the studio everyday to make beautiful things to share with others is a dream come true for me.




Tell us about your current collection. What’s the inspiration behind it?
I am drawn to simplicity and muted tones. I wanted to make a body of work that could effortlessly be woven into everyday routine. My current collection has a modern aesthetic while still feeling familiar and comfortable.

How do you use social media to promote your work?
My main social media outlet has to be Instagram. I love it! I can post events, shop updates or even ask for opinions and know that I’m reaching people, which is pretty great. Most recently, I have been using it to document and share the making process which folks seem to be really enjoying. It’s impossible to understand what goes into making a piece of pottery without seeing it firsthand which is what I love about Instagram, it allows me to show it!


P1040375 P1040364


What’s on the horizon for Black Rhino Ceramics?
I’m always exploring new designs, forms and glaze recipes. I’m actually in the process of creating larger more sculpturally-inspired pieces so I think that will be the next phase of Black Rhino Ceramics design-wise. Currently, 10% of all business proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Fund because I believe in the work they are doing. My ultimate goal as a small business is to find a way to take part in humanitarian and conservation efforts in a bigger way.


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