In The Studio: Beth Winterburn’s EBW Artwork Is Here

  • Brett
  • Aug 21, 2017

When Beth Winterburn updates her EBW Artwork shop, it’s a good day! Her modern art is a favorite of our readers and social followers, especially on Instagram and Ello. It’s a favorite in the LAB too! I wanted to check in to see what’s new and next with this talented, Memphis, Tennessee-based artist and maker. Watch her Maker Member page; I’ll be updating it with new pieces today. You can also shop her prints by hitting the ‘PURCHASE HERE’ button on the images you see at the end of this post.


Modern Art by EBW Artwork via


What’s new in your shop for autumn?
I have several shows coming up – beginning this fall and moving into next spring. The majority of my studio practice will be focused on producing work for these shows. I plan to continue my paper series with loose ink washes paired with geometric/architectural elements, but I’ll be exploring more layering, building wash on wash. I also plan to continue both the fluid series on canvas as well as the “in-between” series (can’t think of a good name for this right now), challenging myself again with experiments in control while getting to know my materials better and better.

The more I learn, the more I can both let the materials run freely as well as predict their behaviors. The shop will be updated with new work at some point in late September/early October.

The first show is a local joint show at Crosstown Gallery in Memphis, TN. It’s a joint show with 3 other female artists. Sept. 8 & 9. The second is a solo show at Stock & Belle in Memphis, TN. This show begins Nov. 27 and runs through the end of the year. The last show on the books begins around April 2018 and runs into May (solo show). It’ll be in Oxford, MS.


Modern Art EBW Artwork via IAMTHELAB.comModern Art by EBW Artwork via


What’s the inspiration behind your newest pieces?
Rather than inspiration, the intrigue of it all is what keeps me producing and exploring – the curiosity and the never-ending pursuit of how and why. Why these colors? How do they relate? What do these lines mean? What does this need in order to be complete? What happens if I do this? When is this done? These questions are fresh with every new piece, so rather than draw inspiration from one source, I prefer to approach each piece with fresh eyes and an inquisitive mindset.

It seems that when I attempt to steer things in a certain direction with too strong of an idea, the piece falls apart or becomes too predictable. I continue to enjoy learning my materials, observing the way that they behave, and then directing that as seems right in the moment. My work is always a balance of control vs. freedom, nature vs. nurture.


Modern Art by EBW Artwork via


Why should customers choose handmade goods?
Because they’re awesome!! 😉 But really – because handmade goods are so personal. You can know – and actually interact with – the person who made what you’re holding, hanging, wearing, etc. There’s a level of attachment that we get to enjoy – a story that goes along with – products that are handmade. Buying handmade means that you’re not only investing in a company, but in the artist. I’m incredibly appreciative when someone is willing to invite my work into his or her space. It’s motivating to know that people enjoy what you do and want to see you continue to do it.


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