Shops We Love: Modern Goods from Objetik

  • Brett Torrey
  • Apr 17, 2017

One of the best developments to come from the renewed interest in modern handmade and locally designed  goods is carefully curated online shops. I’m happy to introduce you to one of them today, a brand new Maker Member, Objetik. Started by two design-savvy entrepreneurs, Tara and Adrian, Objetik showcases the best modern designs from Quebec and Canada.

There are so many great finds in this gorgeous shop, it’s impossible not to spend hours perusing. I already have a few favorites, like this Crystalline light by Simon John. Seriously, I need a room to put this in! (Oh, and this: lichen light. Just click and see for yourself. ) I’ll be adding items from Objetik to our online catalog this week, but you get to start your journey today by heading over to Objetik right now. OK, not right this moment! Not until you read our fresh interview with Tara. Then go!

What moved you to start
We felt as though there was a lot of design works being created in Quebec, but they weren’t always easy to procure, and in general not very well known. We launched Objetik to showcase Quebec-designed everyday items and promote their designers, both locally and abroad, as well as make these objects easily accessible.

Tell us about the brand. Who is your target audience?
Objetik is primarily geared towards an audience that appreciates good design in quality utilitarian items. Our audience seeks joy from the things they interact with, and want originality in these items, whether it be in form, material, or process.

About Objetik: Handpicked by our team, each item on this website in some way redefines traditional ideas of itself – whether by form, function, material, or production method – to change the way you experience utilitarian items. Objetik is a Montreal-based boutique showcasing original creations and local designers. Our aim is to promote creative design in Quebec and Canada, with the hope that you will be inspired by the innovative items designed right here.

How do you discover new makers to feature and work with?
A lot of word-of-mouth, as well as following design fairs and watching upcoming design graduates.

Why do makers need support of shops like yours?
The field of contemporary creative design itself doesn’t receive a lot of attention in Quebec the same way it does in Europe or really large urban centres. We see a lot of attention focused local artisanal and handmade works, but there are every few outlets for contemporary design. Our collection of designers is very tightly curated to reflect the design aspect, which allows local designers to separate themselves and their field from that of craft.

Po:bleus: A project for the regreening of Montreal, the Po:bleus are a collection of four planters created from recycled materials, all coloured blue. Resilient, durable, and eco-responsible, the Po:bleus are ideal for small urban spaces. These containers are suitable for Canadian winters, sun exposure and frost, and they fold flat for easy storage.

What are some items you are especially excited about?
Po: Bleus Planters – Perfect for Spring, this collection of planters is created from recycled materials all coloured blue and are ideal for small urban spaces.
L-i game – This colourful handcrafted game of sabotage is reminiscent of backwards Jenga. It’s made in collaboration with Petites Mains, a Montreal organisation that trains and integrates marginalised women into the workforce.
Barchitecture – Created for the 375th anniversary of Montreal, this bar kit is inspired by the design era of the 60’s and ‘70’s. All brass, the items are created in stylised imagery of influential Montreal landmarks of the time.

Where do you see your project going?
We hope to grow our collection of local works and designers, and eventually open a location to serve as brick and mortar gallery.

Discover Objetik:
Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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