Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR

  • Brett
  • May 18, 2017

Modern technology is changing the way we view so many areas of our lives that it makes sense that it would affect the maker movement as well. As someone whose professional interests span across both fields, I’m intrigued to the synergistic benefits beginning to emerge. That’s certainly the case with modern home accessories site OTHR. Blending 3D printing, a love for sustainability and collaborations with some of the most creative makers has created a stunning collection of modern, everyday items.

After exploring this collection and the thinking behind it, I think you agree with me: OTHR is a most-necesary step forward and a beautiful one at that. These modern home accessories should definitely find their way into your interior spaces. Enjoy this interview with the OTHR team and be sure to check out this exciting shop. FYI: Give yourself some time to explore. There is a ton to see: great products, designer interviews and more. Want to know my favorite item? Read on after the interview and I’ll tell you.

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHRShops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR

Over three years ago, Joe Doucet was fascinated by 3D printing and the technology’s potential. To experiment, he ordered an extremely low-res 3D printed metal fork that cost $250. Since then, the technology has increased to the point where we can create beautiful, hi-res objects in materials like steel, precious metals, and porcelain for a viable market price. We expect this pace to increase exponentially; and as technology increases, so will our ability to experiment with design, and to make these objects more accessible at different price points.

How do you find makers and artists to work with?
We are lucky to be able to select from the top tier of designers in the world. Our designers at launch were a carefully selected group of leading names; icons, friends and collaborators.

In addition to continually onboarding the best and most recognized names in design, we are also dedicated to launching newcomers with exceptional talent and promise. Often, we discover these newcomers online– a stunning portfolio and unique approach to design often begins the process of briefing and working with them. Again, we have the luxury of taking these risks without the burden of inventory.

What are some pieces that your are especially excited about?
We recently launched a line of products in collaboration with the Collective Design Fair for their five-year anniversary. Through this program, five design luminaries nominated the next wave of talent in design. With each of these nominees, we developed a limited, 5-edition line of 3D printed products in porcelain, bronze, and steel that premiered at the fair during NYCxDesign.

These objects were especially exciting because they pushed the boundaries of our technology even further, experimenting with form, modularity, and mixed material. You can see the full collection at

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR


By bringing together the world’s best designers and transformative technologies we create unique objects, made exclusively for you, with minimal environmental impact.

Design – We believe better things are created by great designers. We partner only with the world’s best designers and emerging talent to develop useful, aesthetic and unique objects exclusively for us.

Technology – By using technologies such as 3D printing, we avoid having to create more objects than there are homes for. Our objects do not physically exist until you choose to own one–each is embedded with a unique number to reflect your participation in its creation.

Responsibility – We do not manufacture more than is needed, create excessive waste, or warehouse products. This greatly reduces our environmental footprint and gives true meaning to good design. – About the brand, OTHR

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHRShops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHRSustainability seems to be a huge concern for you. How do you celebrate it with OTHR?
Because of Othr’s zero-inventory model, we are able to be sustainable in an entirely new way. We have no factories, no warehouses, and our production process eliminates excessive waste. At the same time that this method of manufacturing reduces our environmental footprint, it also gives added meaning to our designs. We are running counter to the culture of disposability and thoughtless consumerism; celebrating heirloom-quality items that will last for a long time and be passed down for generations to come.

Where do you see the OTHR project going in the future?
We have the great ambition to become the most important and relevant design brand from America since the mid-century movement. In the coming year, we’ll continue to expand our roster of world-class designers and produce objects at the same rapid pace, with a new product launch every two weeks. We have plenty of exciting collaborations coming up, and will be unveiling an entirely new platform that will change the way consumers interact with our objects. We hope our customers are as delighted as we are to come back regularly to see what is new from Othr.

OK, if the suspense hasn’t completely immobilized you yet, here’s my favorite item (as of today): The Ipseity Wall Hook. Crafted in 3D printed polished bronze steel, these fingerprint-patterned wall hooks are beyond stunning.

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR

According to the designer:

“The design idea came out of trying to use concave objects in order to highlight and display the beauty of 3D printing. Similar to the grain in wood, OTHR’s manufacturing process creates grains that are accentuated throughout the face of the hook. This creates beautiful wall hooks that are functional and look great whether in use or not. We were able to make a metal piece of size and substance, all printed with 1mm wall thickness, while using the least amount of material.”

Learn more about the designer,  Evan Clabot, who is also the Chief Design Officer of OTHR, here.

Shops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHRShops We Love: Modern Home Accessories by OTHR

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