LAB Style Story: Modern Handmade Goods 082517

  • Brett
  • Aug 25, 2017

It’s been awhile since I launched a new weekly feature, so I thought I better get my brain in gear and offer you something fresh. Each LAB Style Story is curated by yours truly and features both Maker Members and artists that I admire. Click on the images to see the items for yourself and I’ve also included links to the Instagram accounts of the makers in the product descriptions. I’d love to know what you think of this new feature. Should I make it a regular thing? Let me know in the comments below.


Modern Handmade Jewelry by Maddalena Bearzi

Every #labstylestory starts off with a great piece. How about a bold cuff bracelet from @maddalenabearzi? This fab find is made from reclaimed copper and is literally a wearable work of art. Find it at > shop > one of a kind. You’ll need a few more accessories though…

Modern Handmade Jewelry by Goutte De Terre

A subtle but bold pair of earrings should do the trick. I think @gouttedeterre makes the most amazing porcelain and gold treasures and these Bar earrings are perfect. Find them at

Modern Handmade Accessories by Asterfield

If we’re going bold (see previous posts) then let’s go BOLD with a touch of retro via @ladyasterfield. This silk and gold piece from Nicole’s Tuxedo Collection is a knock-our piece of haute handmade couture. Let’s gawk at it together. Find it at > collections > tuxedo satin.

Modern Handmade Jewelry by Lunaticart

This stack of rings by @lunaticart helps to bring everything together. 12 stacking rings that can be reconfigured over and over again. Wait until you see the price! Find them at

Modern Handmade Jewelry and Accessories by Gily Ilan

Another neckwear option (see previous posts) comes from @gilyilan. The Bawhee is a splendid mix of porcelain and rope. I’m all for that swirl of curry and black. Find it at

Modern Handmade Jewelry by Camillette

Looking for something a little more subtle (see previous posts)? How about this Angle Open Bracelet by @camillette_jewelry. This stunning bracelet is made from a triangle shaped wire and looks best when stacked. It’s super affordable, so that won’t be a problem. Find it at > NEW COLLECTION.

Modern Handmade Bags from Adelle Stoll

What’s the perfect bag for this #labstylestory? How about this lovely find from @adellestoll? The Cloverdale handbag features designer Adelle Stoll’s signature brass rod closure. Find it at

Modern Handmade Shoes from Arama

I had to include these boomin’ beauties in this #labstylestory: @arama_shoes Yellow oxfords. These made to order treats are serious. This night on the town just for real!

Modern Handmade Fashions by Stella and Lori

I had a tough time picking the last piece for today’s #labstylestory, but I narrowed it down to @stellaandlori. This black maxi dress is the perfect palette for all the modern handmade goodness. Ready for a recap? See it on Instagram.