Since I’ve got collaboration on the brain, I thought it would be a good idea to feature the brilliant collection of Studio Fludd. Named for famed alchemist sir Robert Fludd, Studio Fludd is a design collective made up of  Matteo BarattoCaterina Gabelli, Clara GiaquintoSara Maragotto and Valeria Sanguin. I so want to take a trip to their studio in Venezia, Italy. Don’t you think I need to add this stop to my Handmaker World Tour 2013? I have a European trip planned for 2013 and this would be a great place to explore & connect.

To say this team is multi-diciplinary is an understatement. Just check out their website. From art installations to branding, they do it all. Somehow they’ve distilled their talents down into this sublime jewelry collection. Here are some highlights:

This is one fun collection of baubles. I love how the gang over there describe their work:

This collection features things to hang around your neck, handmade and in limited edition. Born from an atmosphere of lively decadence and anarchic vitality, harkening back to 18th century Venice, the island of quirks and delights. A celebration of formal exuberance and the eccentric spirit, embracing colours both electric and powdered. Materials that are lightweight and also sumptuous along with echoes of artisanal knowledge combine to produce varied and unusual results.

Oh, and I have to mention the packaging. Studio Fludd uses an original screenprint to wrap most of the jewels in an origami envelope. An Italian design collective wrapping their treasures in origami? Yes, that’s handmade at it’s best. Love!

Connect with Studio Fludd:


  1. Thanks! Great to be here. We are Venezia/Venice based, btw. Have a great creative brand new year! Ciao ciao from all the StudioFludd

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