Here’s some really fun and colorful combos from around the global design and handmade community. I think you will really love the bold prints from The Island Continent and the handmade baubles from C’est Moi.

The Island Continent: First of all, great site relaunch guys! So colorful and bold. The Island Continent serves as an archive of the Australian image. You can really get lost in the incredible colors, fashions and designs they feature. Eamon Donnelly’s collection of original digital prints and photographs are energetic and a must for the handmade art collector.

C’est Moi: Natalia Arambarri is a Madrid-based artist whose collection of baubles embraces organic shapes and textures. I’m really loving the color palette of these pieces. It appears that each one is so carefully conceived and designed that, as a collection or as solo pieces, you really are purchasing art.

See: The Big Pineapple by Eamon Donnelly & The Island Continent
Wear: Amarilo Quartz Vermeil Bracelet by C’est Moi

See: Lifeguard 39 by Eamon Donnelly & The Island Continent
Wear: Vermeil Leaf Pendant by C’est Moi

See: The Big Pineapple (detail) by Eamon Donnelly & The Island Continent
Wear: Silver Ring and Pigments by C’est Moi

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