There’s no reason why you and your walls can’t be decked out in the best handmade goods around. Here are some combos featuring BiroRobot and Alder New York.

birobot: Sisters Lisa and Elena Gomez are the creative duo behind biroRobot. They bring  over 25 years illustration and design experience to their biroRobot collaboration and their love for design is truly highlighted in these bold prints. The prints are hand pulled and limited edition.

Alder New York: Alder New York is a Brooklyn-based menswear and apothecary goods company founded by David J. Krause and Nina Zilka. The brand has become known for marrying function and style since its launch in 2011 and these macrame bracelets are perfect.


See: Stacking Buses by biroRobot
Wear: Macrame Bracelet – Green and Turquoise by Alder New York


See: Chelsea Flowers by biroRobot
Wear: Macrame Bracelet – Yellow and Orange by Alder New York


See: Central Park by biroRobot
Wear: Macrame Bracelet – Multicolored by Alder New York

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