It takes a unique talent to look at the world of molds, viruses and fungi for inspiration to design a line of handmade jewelry. Yet, that is exactly what Ruth Zelanski did with her Contagious collection. Truth be told, I stumbled on this Etsy shop on some treasury that I now can’t seem to find. No matter, once I ventured into this amazing shop, I literally spent over an hour looking at these amazing pieces. How can you deny the beauty of this ring?

Named after the largest single-celled organism known to man, the Acetabularia ring features sterling silver cups, each with an 18k gold bead. How ingenious!

The next item that caught my attention was this Blossom ring. OK, doesn’t it remind you of one of those crazy head massagers that were all the rage (for 5 minutes) a few years ago? This ring is no quickly fading fad, however. Made from oxidized silver and featuring a bead of 14k gold, there’s no way this ring won’t grab you some attention. Add in the match earrings and you’ve got yourself a real handmade treat.

Ruth takes a stylistic turn with these Phasmida earrings. These long and lean earrings were inspired by walking stick bugs, the same bugs that keep trying to eat my basil. Be sure to check out the rest of this intriguing collection.

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