LAB News 01.20.17 + Free Desktop Wallpapers

  • Brett
  • Jan 20, 2017


There’s so much happening here in LAB HQ. I’ll be sharing a ton of news with you on Monday, but I thought it time to bring back my weekly news summary. Here are a few articles from around the web that inspired, puzzled and intrigued me this week. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think:

  1. Anchor Ceramics: Beauty, Simplicity and Sustainability from Melbourne via Yatzer: Discover the work of Australian designer Bruce Rowe, founder of Melbourne-based ceramics studio Anchor and his talented team of makers. You’ll love this.
  2. Piñatex – Give us a slice of that via Design of the WorldPiñatex is a revolutionary material invented by Dr Carmen Hijosa, made from upcycling the leafy by-product of pineapples. What some see as waste, Dr. Hijosa sees as wonder.
  3. Mary Jo Hoffmann has updated her brilliant website, STILL. As if her stunning images aren’t enough to keep you enthralled, the new layout, which can be changed from day to night and then dawn, is gorgeousness embodied. Bookmark and enjoy.
  4. Liebel has an intriguing article about Amazin Apartments, a minimal concept created by London-based design company Future Facility. It’s fantastic for its crazy washing machine video. Don’t feel bad, I watched it all the way through too.
  5. Architecture was on my brain this week, as you can see from this next pick from Formagramma. Serioiusly, I’d want to live in a rock if all rocks were designed like this. Impressive.
  6. AIGA peels back the curtain on Forest, the studio of L.A.-based art director and designer Joel Speasmaker. I found this interview to be interesting, as it addresses some of the issues that many artist face who create both commercial and personal projects.
  7. Realizing that Mozilla was near the end of its publically-decided rebranding, I was curious what Brand New would say about it. I’m not sure how I feel about the end products but the comments are pretty lively, to say the least.

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