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LAB CONSULTING: The Handmade Quartet

This coming year, I really want to start focusing on helping the makers out there that want to learn practical and doable techniques to manage all 4 aspects of their online handmade life. (Yes, this means no more Handmade Trifecta. It’s now the Handmade Quartet. Because, four. #genius) It is my opinion that every successful maker/artists/creator has to have all 4 elements in order to create the best opportunity for an online business to grow.

With that said, the theme for 2015 will be: Build It and They Will Come. There is no guarantee of success when it comes to running your own creative business, but putting the right amount of effort into these 4 aspects can give you the best chance to foster and grow a successful handmade business. I want to help you in every way that I can to make your dream a reality.


My new consultation program is a four part series that breaks down the Handmade Quartet into its parts. Together, we’ll focus on each one individually, with a real set of actionable goals that can help you refine and find your best foundation for growing your handmade business. We’ll discuss:

  1. Branding: It’s more that just a logo. Branding helps you present a unified image to the world. From packaging to sharing your creations on social media, knowing who you are as a maker and learning how to present that in the best way is key to a successful brand image. We’ll review your current branding (logo, tagline, icons, social media headers and badges) and find practical ways to unify your branding for maximum effect.
  2. Shop Review: How would you describe your current collection? Do you feel that you have your curation skills at their peak? How are your images? Are they ready to be shared on social media and with bloggers? We’ll take a close look at all aspects of your current shop to see if there are constructive ways to polish up your online showroom.
  3. Social Media: It’s such a crazy beast, isn’t it? Learning practical ways to use the 4 major social media platforms for your handmade business will be the focus of this part of the consultation series. There is a super-useful 5th platform that most makers are not using and I want to teach you how to add it to your marketing strategy.
  4. Blogging: I see that eyeroll! Is there a way to maximize your blog without becoming a full-time blogger? Yes indeed there is, and I want to teach you how to blog consistently without it becoming a burden. You’ll be surprised how a well-planned blog strategy can help you grow your business and I want to be there to help you do just that.


So, you’re asking yourself: “OK, Mr. Brett, how much is this going to cost me?” Well, you be happy to know that the Handmade Quartet Consulting Package is four 90 minute sessions, at a low cost of just $250. Yep, that’s it. I don’t want you to have to break the bank in order for you to learn how to fill it!

The consultations can be broken up or you can do them all in a row (once a week), it’s completely up to you. If you have any questions, please drop me a note at with “LAB HQ 2015” in the subject or call me Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at number: 415.779.5107. If you’re ready to sign up now, just hit the button below and I’ll get back to you in 12 hours or less.*  I’m looking forward to working with as many of you as possible in 2015. The Handmade Quartet: Build It and They Will Come!

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[faktory_blockquote title=”” subtitle=”” size=”normal”]When I got in touch with Brett, I was looking for practical social media advice for my situation. One can get lost with the one size fits all info on the internet. As a handmaking soloprenuer, I have specific needs. Brett saw to the heart (he knows us) and had great suggestions I could put into practice immediately. Not only that, but he is a supportive ally and crusader for handmakers everywhere.[/faktory_blockquote]

Jenn Romero of Unurth:
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*The consultation fee is non-refundable.