You’re an handmaker, trying to make your mark on the web. There’s so many things to do: build a brand, start a web shop, branch out into social media and conquer blogging. With all the options and the ups & downs, isn’t it nice to know that, when you need support, it’s here for you? Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Branding:  I can help you design and execute your brand identity. Let me share my years of experience in branding and marketing to help you create an identity that is a true representation of Brand:You.
  • Social Media: There are some great ways to expand your influence via social media. The online creative community is an amazing resource. I can help you use your time wisely and make the most of the web.
  • Blogging: It’s one of the most underused aspects of influence for an online business. Quite frankly, it scares some of us. I can help you devise a blogging program that won’t turn into a time vacuum. Plus, there are tons of free resources that you can use to build the blog of your dreams. Let me help you find what you need to make your blogging dreams come true.
  • Moral Support: Sometimes you just need to know that you are special, amazing and doing exactly what you need to be doing. I’ve got 20+ years of experience helping people reach their potential with positive support and reinforcement. When you need a little pep in your creative steps, I’m your virtual cheerleader.

I provide consultation in 90 minute increments at $50. Feel free to drop me a line with your questions here.


When I got in touch with Brett, I was looking for practical social media advice for my situation. One can get lost with the one size fits all info on the internet. As a handmaking soloprenuer, I have specific needs. Brett saw to the heart (he knows us) and had great suggestions I could put into practice immediately. Not only that, but he is a supportive ally and crusader for handmakers everywhere.
Jenn Romero

Jenn Romero of Unurth:

LAB Consultation - 90 minutes