Maker Membership

IAMTHELAB offers makers a unique opportunity to have their work seen regularly on our site dedicated to the handmade home. A membership to LAB Maison lasts for one year and includes the following:

  • 10 spots in the IAMTHELAB shop, linked directly to your online shop. All sales will handle by you.
  • An introductory interview on IAMTHELAB, followed by 4 seasonal shop reports.
  • Weekly social media shares by the LAB advertising team.
  • Monthly newsletter blasts via Mailchimp.
  • Permanent listing in the LAB directory.

Our makers are carefully chosen to ensure that the entire collection of goods presented on IAMTHELAB reflect our modern and contemporary aesthetic. The cost of a year membership is only $150 for 6 months and $275 for one year. If you’d like to be considered, please email us at with MAKER Membership as the subject or give us a call at 415.779.5107. We look forward to showcasing your work.