Adri Luna

Abstract Artist


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I currently live in Kansas City, mo and i am originally from California. a lifetime of loving art led me to study printmaking and painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. I fell in love with the city and couldn’t leave… so here I am.

While i have a degree (and deep love) for printmaking, I truly love exploring different media and working with paper. my paper sculptures, large scale installations and paintings range from huge to tiny and are my way of exploring and bringing a little beauty into the world. I have been lucky enough to have a few galleries willing to let me make my giant paper sculptures, some as big as twenty five feet long and twelve feet high. But I also love to work smaller, sometimes creating series of work the size of my hand.

Big or small, i love it all.

My main goal as an artist is to make things that make people smile. Life goes by so quickly and things change in an instant, if I can make someone smile and appreciate life for just a minute, then I have made a small impact.

Abstract Prints in Pink and Blue
Blue Abstract Painting
Blue Abstract Watercolor Print
Extra Large Abstract Watercolor Print
Large Purple Abstract Watercolor
Minimal Print
Modern Abstract Watercolor
Modern Wooden Wall Art
Pink Watercolor Abstract Print
Watercolor Print Duo
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