July 6, 2017: Discover the best modern handmade goods for the home in this week’s edition of the IAMTHELAB Gazette.



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clay + craft is a collection of ceramic or handcrafted products ranging from kitchen and tabletop wares to home decor goods to jewelry. We believe in thoughtful, timeless design and follow a less is more approach with each creation.

Today, clay + craft is a small, home based ceramics studio located just outside of San Diego in the seaside community of Cardiff, California. While we’ve refined our products and can be found in coffee shops, businesses and homes across the United States, we’re a continuously evolving, work in process that has been years in the making. We believe in doing what’s needed today to get to where you want to be tomorrow. We’re dreaming of bigger things but for now, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty!

Follow our journey at @nicolenovena on Instagram or @clayandcraft on Facebook.


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