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GILY ILAN is the young designer of namesake accessory brand based in Jaffa, Israel.

From my earliest childhood memories, I recall my hands always busy in the midst of one craft or another. Over the years, I developed a passion and endless curiosity for the world of materials and honed my work to explore the limits and possibilities of textiles and ceramics.

The techniques and aesthetic that have come to define the GILY ILAN collection of accessories is a classic story of lemons to lemonade. During my first year of design school, I was diagnosed with Gaucher disease, a genetic disorder that stems from a deficient enzyme. I naturally began heavily researching the disorder. Between MRI scans and cellular charts, I was surprised to find myself growingly fascinated and inspired by the imperfect, yet meticulously connected networks within our biology.

For over a year, I experimented with various techniques and treatments in the fields of ceramic and textiles. I was specifically concerned with the ratio of hard to soft, control to variable, complexity to simplicity, and merging these contrasting concepts into a single, organic design. Similarly, I challenged myself to find a sensible means of connection between traditionally unrelated materials, techniques, and styles.

The GILY ILAN collection is an ever-evolving expression of connectivity, and finding beauty in the contrasts.

Baako / Light Grey Knitted Necklace
Baako Black / White Confetti Necklace
Bawhee / Grey And Black Necklace
Komo / Brick Color Infinity Jewelry Scarf
Nikora / Black Leather Cords Necklace
Vito Scarf \ Patrol Grey Infinity Scarf
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