Born in eastern France, in the South of the Champagne, I grew up in an atmosphere of a very small village with parents who are artisans (cheese makers), what gave me from the earliest age a glimpse into the artisan craft world.

At 18 years old I left France to go on an adventure. I made my first pieces of jewelry in the Antilles, with painted quenetes seeds (Caribbean traditional fruit). I sold in markets and later on they used for various fashion shows in the Caribbean.

Thanks to my designs, I could continue my journey and it is Latin America, which will be the longest part, as I spent 7 years there, in total. Macramé, seeds and semi-precious stones became my new favorites materials.

It is in Guatemala where my path crosses Berenice’s (Lunaticart) with whom I exchange different techniques of macramé. At that time I didn’t know that I was talking to the woman of my life!

Jewelry making led me to India, Cuba, Canada, US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Galapagos, Easter Island and Tahiti where I worked with leather and black pearls.

After Living for 5 years in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, I decided to open an art gallery/workshop in Paris, it is the birth of  ‘Goutte de Terre’ (drop of earth) in 2009.

With Goutte de Terre, I developed a work inspired by mainly by water. I love the fluidity and it is in nature that I observe it better.

Aïta Porcelain And Gold Earrings
Ariège Black Porcelain And Gold Earrings
Bhavani Porcelain And Siver Earrings
Blue Drop Porcelain And Gold Earrings
Bodva Porcelain And Gold Earrings
Loa Porcelain Pendant
Loire White Porcelain Ring
Quand Porcelain And Gold Earrings
Vaitepiha Porcelain Bracelet
Zorn Black Porcelain Ring
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