Jewelry designer Lisa Kaufman of Korut Studio is inspired by the details. Working from her studio in the hills of Berkeley, California, Lisa begins each collection with eclectic bits and pieces spread over her worktable. As her collection develops, those inspirational details transform into jewelry that expresses feelings of iconic symbolism, and geometric, architectural impressions.

After growing up in Ohio in the late ’70s and early ’80s, she hit the road for the Golden State to study art. After college she found her calling in business with an artistic twist. Her thriving bead store has been a Bay Area institution for over 23 years. In addition to running a successful business, Lisa continues to create art through a variety of techniques including metal, wire work, bead stringing and knotting, as well as painting, collage and photography. Her inspirations come from nature and architecture and additionally from her years in the bead industry, drawing on the symbols and designs from a variety of traditional cultures.

Korut’s collection is a mix of the simple and grand. Pendants are rich with subtle detail. Signature pieces are designed using wax molds created with 3D printed models, as well as traditional carved wax methods. Pieces are then cast in bronze or sterling silver and hand polished to a bright shine. Smaller reproductions of world culture amulets round out the treasury with stackable/layer pieces to mix and match. All jewelry is handmade to order using materials from the U.S.A whenever possible.

Arcs Necklace
Aurora Necklace
Echo Chain
Golden Shadows Necklace
Kilpi Earring
Kolimo Earrings
Madison Necklace
Melody Tassel Earrings
Stud Necklace
Toteemi Earrings
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