July 6, 2017: Discover the best modern handmade goods for the home in this week’s edition of the IAMTHELAB Gazette.



July 17, 2017 | “Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions.
— Nicholas Negroponte


Two distinct makers with one thing in common: both are creating leather goods that are both utilitarian and beautiful. Get to know Atribut and Minimal Squared.


These gorgeous modern handmade bags are a stunning combination of wood and leather. Florina Sirman really has mastered her craft. I love the subtle colors that dominates most of her collection, but this bold yellow screams summer fun. Get it here.

About the brand

Atribut is a young label established in 2015. As a fused expression of creativity, positive energy and contemporary design, Atribut reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance. Here you will find a handcrafted collection of original wood framed leather handbags. At the center of the creating process is a strong attention to craftsmanship and quality.

Atribut is a creative space meant for strong personalities hidden in fragile siluettes. The brand combines clean cuts and small details as the highest form of refinment.

The person behind the brand is Florina Sirman who is creating and handcrafting the handbags herself in the Bucharest based studio.

“Atribut is born out of the need to create. Atribut is about mixing materials and textures, is about creating forms and volumes. It is also about leaving a well-known path and exploring new spaces, new opportunities, new horizons. It is a journey!”

Minimum Squared

What makes a wallet perfect for travel? I can tell, after taking my Minimum Squared wallet out for a spin while traveling through Europe earlier this year. To be great for travel, it’s got to be small, functional, and for me, it still needs to look good. My Minimum Squared wallet did all three. You need one of these. Get it here.

About the brand

In our beginnings we just wanted to make a well thought wallet with big capacity that takes up less space, feels and looks nice. A wallet that you will love touching and having in your hands, pockets, and bags every (single) day.

The result was the Slim Wallet with Elastic design that won a Red Dot Design Award in our first year. Based on what we have learned with that first design we’ve tried to broaden the wallet range to more carrying in your pocket scenarios with the Minimalist Wallet and the Cardholder, always with the single leather pattern hand stitched philosophy that accompanies us from our very first prototype.

When customers tell us how delighted and surprised they are about the design and quality, we feel happy.

The soul of a product is sometimes very difficult to explain, but it’s something you will immediately realize once you hold the it in your hands.

We are very pleased with the outcome! We hope you like it too!



Some of our favorite Modern Handmade Goods

They may be small, but these modern handmade rings are full of style. Which one is your favorite?

Wear These

These 2 makers are offering modern handmade jewelry that honors the environment. Yes, you can love the earth and look amazing too!

foresta necklace

Maddalena Bearzi


“Maddalena Bearzi organic jewelry is inspired by the magnificent natural world around us, a world to not only appreciate but also protect. A deep respect of nature, a passion for the discovery of different cultures, textures and materials, and a commitment to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices are at the heart of this handmade, one of a kind jewelry line. Using methods and materials that avoid depleting or destroying the Earth’s resources, Maddalena Bearzi pieces exemplify that style and sustainability go hand in hand.”


Andrea Bonelli


“All of my jewelry is handcrafted by me in my Private Studio and I use recycled and ethically mined stones in my jewelry. I purchase recycled metals from reputable US based suppliers that follow high standards for recycled metals and green processing. I also source out stone cutters and diamond suppliers that follow ethical mining standards to ensure that I’m creating pieces that you can wear with confidence. When I have my wax carved pieces cast, I use a Casting Company that uses refined metals.”

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Here’s some hot style finds from our friend Gily Ilan. Which is your favorite?

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