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Get Inspired: Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles


Finding makers who’ve invested the time and resource into creating powerful branding is a real treat. A lot of makers enjoy studying great branding and packaging in general, but it’s even more powerful to find great designs from fellow makers. Such is the case with the dynamic duo behind Black Arrow Candles. Utilizing the talents of both Mat Bogust at THINK Packaging and Monique Robins of Curious Design. Learn more about the maker and the designers behind this exciting project below. (If you’d like to see the brand progression, check out our first feature on Black Arrow Candles from 2014.)

Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via

About the packaging:

Black Arrow Candles are an inimitable, sophisticated brand of soy wax candles, hand crafted and lovingly poured and packaged to order. Highly sought after by stylish, eco-conscious humans around the globe, their bold fragrance blends are either synthetic or derived from natural plant extracts. No animal-based products are used including honey, musk, milk or beeswax, making each candle reassuringly animal and vegan-friendly. Good for you, and good for the earth.

I was commissioned to create a unique, bespoke packaging piece for the new Arrowhead range. The challenge: it had to be distinctive and elegant, but robust enough to protect the high quality, hand blown glass vessel enveloping the candle.

Inspired by memories of Robin Hood firing arrows deep into the middle of tree trunks, the client had a clear vision of basing the packaging an this archery theme-yet with a modern, ready-for-retail look and feel. Accordingly, the ‘arrowhead’ (the candle) was set into a package that looks like a beautiful, modern, lime washed piece of wood. It is designed to be very deceptive – to draw customers in, to pick it up and discover the beautiful candle within.

Then came the difficult part, the execution. No block of wood is the same, nor is it straight edged, so the plan was to design a cardboard form that was actually imperfect. A disruptive, yet natural shape was engineered by chamfering off the top right edge to create a unique, organic look and feel, just like wood. As the pack hinges in half, the two sides are actually the same piece, yet mirrored – resulting in a perfect balance of straight versus angled lines for the front, back, top, and bottom view points.

Designer Mat Bogust, THINK Packaging

Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via

About the branding:

To compliment the pack, Curious Design created a sophisticated piece of branding and labeling that embodies the spirit of Black Arrow. A signature arrowhead was devised as a visual icon that can be integrated with the brand name, or used independently in a symbolic context. The two ‘A’s in the Black Arrow typography also have the horizontal bars between the outer slopes removed-to create subtle arrow shapes and reflect the marque.

The colour palette is deliberately understated and the arrowhead has been embossed with a ‘black on black’ texture for a tactile quality. All of these nuances ensure that the graphic content works harmoniously with the unique pack shape.

Monique Robins, Curious Design

Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via

Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via iamthelab.com_0004_Candle_Open_Pack_Large__04721.1454736955.1280.1280

About the product:

Black Arrow Candles has evolved into an inimitable and sophisticated candle producer gracing the wish lists of brave and fearless humans across the globe. They have designed their own glassware, teamed up and collaborated with some amazingly talented people and created a decidedly lust-worthy candle. Crafted to be boldly eco-friendly and now featuring a curated scent range, Black Arrow Candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and are lovingly poured and packaged to order.

The perfect sidekick for wild outdoor types, food lovers and beach babes (or, okay, anyone who enjoys a good Netflix binge chased by some sunbaking and cookie crunching), each of Black Arrow Candles bold bath and body-safe fragrance blends are either synthetic or derived from natural plant extracts. There is no use of any animal-based products including honey, musk, milk or beeswax making each candle reassuringly animal and vegan-friendly. Good for you, good for the earth and good for our animal friends. Bullseye. Because after all, who says you can’t kick ass and enjoy the sweet scent of a particularly delicious (and eco-conscious) candle too?

Black Arrows signature arrowhead glass is individually packaged in specially designed boxes, crafted to perfection with a smooth and silky feel. Each package is put together by hand in house and the label carefully applied to close. You have never seen anything like it.

Black Arrow Candles uses specially tested and layered wooden wicks to create the perfect blend of heat and crackle. They test regularly and extensively (usually while hanging out with some popcorn and Marvels latest offering) to guarantee the best scent throw and melt pool and create a long lasting and highly fragranced candle experience. The glass is handblown borosilicate and able to withstand high temperatures, perfect for reuse and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The end result? Scarily delicious candles in incredibly reusable glassware that you will be too sad to give away as gifts.

Karina Ferrante, Black Arrow Candles

Branding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via iamthelab.comBranding & Packaging for Black Arrow Candles via


Black Arrow Candles

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DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 16

Branding & Packaging Inspriration: Dahn Hien Jewelry


If you are a jewelry maker, how do you present your creations in a way that showcases them in the best light? The key to standing out in a crowded field of talented makers is to make sure that both your branding and packaging really reflect the quality of your work. For example, Danh Hien Jewelers turned to Bratus and Jummi Tuan to create this stunning branding and packaging for their exquisite, high-end handmade jewelry collection.

The color combination, the use of metallics and the contemporary design gives the design a very modern appeal and compliments the jewelry quite well. Both designers carried the styling over to the website as well, for a cohesive print and visual identity. Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think of this collection in the comments below.

DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 1

DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 5

[faktory_blockquote title=”About The Collection” subtitle=”Danh Hien Jewelers ” size=”normal”] Danh Hien Jewelers is company specializes in handmade diamond jewelry, working as a family tradition. Already founded in 1950 by Nguyen Van Hien – today the company consists of two stores and one jewelry workshop with about 120 craftsmen. They still produce handcrafted jewelry in a traditional way. Their diamond products are all made under the standard of GIA (Gemological Institute of America). [/faktory_blockquote]DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 13 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 17 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 6 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 3

[faktory_blockquote title=”About The Logo Concept” subtitle=”Danh Hien Jewelers ” size=”normal”]Bratus was tasked to develop a new logo and brand identity to stand out and show the aspects of luxury and modernity as well as tradition, the uniqueness, and their attention to each detail. We take the main inspiration from the diamond. The image of a diamond is rather popular in jewelry brands. Therefore, the big challenge that we have to face is making an exceptionally creative and unique brand mark.

Our direction for approach is the combination of the main letters in the brand name, the top view image of the diamond, the Celtic art to make the geometric signature. We chose serif typeface as it represented for aesthetics and fashion industry. The color palette is selected to show the charm, the femininity. The supplementary colors have been carefully chose to go harmonious for flexibility usage[/faktory_blockquote]

DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 7 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 15 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 4 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 9

[faktory_blockquote title=”About The Visual Identity” subtitle=”Danh Hien Jewelers ” size=”normal”]We exploit the inspiration from the structure and the block image of precious stones, diamond, the bond of chemical components under the guarantee of tidiness and elegance. The pattern structure may be flexibly applied in different angles. Brand Application We keep the logo displayed simply with positive space without conflict with the pattern system.

Our publication are made with special printing treatment (handcraft, edge printing and bronze foil embossing) on plain-colored paper materials.[/faktory_blockquote]DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 10 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 11 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 12 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 14 DANH HIEN JEWELERS branding packaging 2



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