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Handmade Style: Cool for Spring


Handmade Style is back and oh do I have a quintet of amazing makers for you today! Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for you to start building that handmade wardrobe again. These 5 pieces are perfect for bring a touch of warm, handmade freshness to your collection. Which item is your favorite? (p.s. to the Zuzii team: We can call this one the LAB oxford, right?)


Clockwise from bottom left: Vertex Cuff from Marja Germans Gard, Ascot in Orange Stripe from Lilian Asterfield, 14K Gold Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Ring from LilyEmme, Portofino Pouch in Black Grid by Lee Coren, Custom Designed Choozii Shoe from Zuzii.

About the collection:

  • Vertex Cuff from Marja Germans Gard: This cuff is not for the faint of heart.  The clean lines and soft curves draw you in, and its satisfying heft makes you feel just a bit more powerful. Own it. Hand-carved in wax and cast in yellow bronze, this cuff measures about 7/8″ wide. One size (fits small to medium wrists)
  • Ascot in Orange Stripe from Lilian Asterfield: Two gorgeous silk ties have been transformed into our Ascot. Each design is hand-ruffled & hand-stitched and may be worn it a few ways. Tie in a bow, tie in a knot or leave the tails hanging.
  • 14K Gold Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Ring from LilyEmme: This gorgeous 9 carat rainbow moonstone displays a beautiful rainbow in a subtle and lovely way. It’s hard to photograph the rainbow in this specimen, but it’s definitely an impressive gem to see in person. Set in solid 14K gold from recycled sources with a matte finish, this one-of-a-kind ring is the perfect cocktail or statement ring.
  • Portofino Pouch in Black Grid by Lee Coren: Adorably compact, the Portofino zip-top pouch perfectly secures your small essentials such as keys, cards, lip balm and cash. Our minimalist Grid pattern is screen printed on both sides. Positioning may change.
  • Custom Designed Choozii Shoe from Zuzii: Choozii is a little bit of code that allows you to be the maker; you get to select from all of our available leather colors, pattern colors, laces, and soling options to design your perfect pair!

handmade jewelry

isobell handmade jewelry


7 Easy Pieces: Fresh Handmade Jewelry by Shahla Karimi


Pinklion continues to bring in the innovative makers and this 7EP pick is no exception. The gorgeous handmade jewelry pieces you see below belong to Shahla Karimi, a San Francisco-based jewelry designer with a love for both strong geometric shapes and expressive free forms. This is an stunning handmade jewelry collection, one that could easily fill your personal collection with style and variety.

7EP Handmade Jewelry via pinklion


7 Easy Pieces from Shahla Karimi, from clockwise from top left to center: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

About this handmade jewelry collection:

  1. Honey Rotation Ring: Southern inspiration materialized with a city edge, 7 rotating honeycombs measure 3cm at widest point.
  2. Hex Set Earrings: Ear studs with pyramid-cut, semi-precious stone of your choice.  Studs measure 7mm wide.
  3. Honeycomb Ear Crawler: Southern inspiration materialized with a city edge, honeycomb designed to crawl up ear.  Crawler measures 24mm.  SOLD AS SINGLE.
  4. Honeycomb Ear Jacket: Southern inspiration materialized with a city edge, honeycomb ear jacket measures 5.5cm in height.  Designed to be worn in first or second lobe piercing, top hook is malleable.
  5. Honeycomb Ear Cuff: Southern inspiration materialized with a city edge, malleable ear cuff designed to be worn at top of lobe.  Measures 9mm at widest point.
  6. Subway Series Ring Set: Set of 3 stackable rings.  Formed by curving NYC subway lines around the finger, the first subway series focuses on the transit lines between some of NYC’s most recognizable neighborhoods and landmarks.
  7. In-Between Bars Rings: An exploration of negative space, the in-between ring is designed to be worn on the middle or ring finger.  Top of ring measures 5cm from edge to edge.

About the maker:

Shahla Karimi designs sculptural, inspired jewelry for the statement minimalist. Her work is inspired by the familiar and realized in the abstract. The first collections explore the impact of negative space, the cohesion of interlocking components, and the distillation of beauty from the ordinary. Created by marrying old world craft with new world technologies, the line is designed and printed in 3-D then lost-wax cast in precious metals. All pieces are hand made in New York City with recycled metals and conflict-free stones.

via Pinklion

handmade jewelry

asterfield-new-ad handmade jewelry

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