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A fine collection of modern handmade goods for the style aficionado. From apothecary to leathercraft, accessories to shoes, the IAMTHELAB Style Shop has you covered with the best modern handmade goods from the most talented makers on the planet. Shop with us today and support these talented makers.


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Opusconcrete products have
subtle variations in hues to produce organic,
natural looks sure to please even
the most discriminating eye.


The best modern handmade goods for home, office and outdoors. If you need art, we've got the best selection of modern art on the web. Furniture, lighting, ceramics and more await you in the LAB Maison Shop. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our selection of home goods.

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Creativity is not a talent.
It is a way of operating.

-John Cleese

Well, hello there and welcome to our refreshed homepage! Actually, it’s an entirely new website with a ton of new design features that I’m really excited about. I’ve been looking for a way to create more visually appealing posts and Maker Member profiles and this new theme by Sparrow & Snow is perfection! You’ll be seeing some really cool post layouts, thanks to this well-designed theme.

Autumn is in full swing, with winter fast approaching, so it’s time for our Maker Members to submit links to their newest items. I need to update our shops and get them ready for the busy seasons ahead. Speaking of Maker Members, I’m offering an early bird special: sign up now for 1 year and get November and December free! Learn more about this unique program here. Enjoy the handmade goodness, explore the new site and stay tuned for more! ~ Brett


Branding & Packaging Design

We can meet, have a coffee together, watching the samples, albums, prints, frames, and set up our trip for the engagemente session. I can't wait!